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A Luxury Home Inspired by Superyacht Design.

All too often when a client commissions a design for a new home the various elements of the scheme are split between a number of consultants who each work semi-independently on the project.

This property differs from normal working practices as the inspiration and vision for the scheme in its entirety was developed by Angel Martin who acted as the creative director for the project. The architectural form, interior design, and garden landscape were done as a coherent design package to create continuity throughout. Our vision for this project was to design a luxury home inspired by superyacht designs.

Upon acceptance of the scheme by the client each element will be broken down into specialist packages and consultants appointed to take care of the architecture, structural engineering, M&E, landscaping, interiors, lighting and audiovisual. Each member of the ‘team' works to the vision created by the artistic director for the client and helps to breathe life into the scheme by bringing their specialist knowledge to the table.

Angel Martin creates the vision, the team brings it into reality.

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