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Traditional Craftsmanship Alive and Well.

The majority of our work as designers is centered on modern contemporary homes but occasionally we get the opportunity to design beautiful pieces of furniture using traditional techniques such as inlay and book match veneering. This type of handcrafted cabinetry was made popular in the eighteenth century by artisans such as Thomas Chippendale but as times and tastes changed the skills these craftsmen developed have almost died out.

However, there are still small workshops in the UK that have retained the skills and are training a new generation of cabinetmakers to continue with the traditions and skillsets required to make furniture at this level.

The pictures in this article are of pieces of furniture designed by Angel Martin for a client and were manufactured to our specifications by a specialist cabinetmaker in the UK. The workmanship is exquisite and each piece is unique to the client, a timeless piece of art crafted in wood.

If you would like to know more contact Martin at Angel Martin Design.

07931 525913 (UK)

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